Current Mentors

Name Phone Email Office

Ted Abel

IBA-MARC Core Mentor; Director, Iowa Neuroscience Institute; Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences

319-353-4534 2312 PBDB

E. Dale Abel

IBA-MARC Core Mentor; Chief, Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism

319-353-3050 4312 PBDB

Bengi Baran

Assistant Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences

319-467-4541 370 PBSB

Alexander Bassuk

IBA-MARC Core Mentor; Professor of Pediatrics - Neurology

319-356-7726 2040 ML

Mark Blumberg

IBA-MARC Core Mentor; F. Wendell Miller Distinguished Professor, Department of Psychology

(319) 335-2424 E234 SSH

Terry Braun

Professor, Biomedical Engineering

(319) 335-6285 5318 Seamans Center

Gordon Buchanan

Associate Professor of Neurology

319-335-9812 1332 PBDB

Azeez Butali

IBA-MARC Core Mentor; Professor; Oral Pathology, Radiology, and Medicine

319-335-8980 2198 ML

Thomas Casavant

IBA-MARC Core Mentor; Roy J. Carver, Jr. Chair in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, Biomedical Engineering; Professor Biomedical Engineering; Electrical and Computer Engineering; Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

(319) 335-5953 5316 Seamans Center

Chi-Lien Cheng

Professor, Dept of Biology

(319) 335-2583 210 Biology Building

Catherine Cherwin

Assistant Professor; Nursing

319-335-7654 326 CNB

David Cwiertny

IBA-MARC Core Mentor; Associate Faculty Research Engineer, IIHR--Hydroscience & Engineering; Director, Center for Health Effects of Environmental Contamination

(319) 335-1401 4655 Seamans Center for the Engineering Arts and Sciences

Sandra Daack-Hirsch

IBA-MARC Core Mentor; Associate Professor

(319) 335-7061 364 CNB

Dao-Fu Dai

Assistant Professor of Pathology; Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology

319-335-0194 106C Medical Research Center

Ben Darbro

Associate Professor, Pediatrics and Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Genetics

(319) 356-3877 W101 General Hospital

Ece Demir Lira

Assistant Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences 275 PBSB

John F. Engelhardt

IBA-MARC Core Mentor ; DEO and Chair, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology

319-335-7744 1-100 BSB

Jennifer Fiegel

IBA-MARC Core Mentor; Associate Professor

(319) 335-8830 4124 SC

Tori Forbes

Co-PI, IBA-MARC Core Mentor; Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry

319-384-1320 W374 CB

Andrew Forbes

Assistant Professor, Dept of Biology

(319) 335-3006 434A BB

John Freeman

Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences; Stuit Faculty Fellow

319-335-3243 226 SLP

Pamela Geyer

IBA-MARC Core Mentor; Professor

(319) 335-6953 3135E MERF

Jessica Goetz

Associate Professor of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation; Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering (BME)

319-384-4275 2181J-1 WL

Jean Gordon

Associate Professor / Director of PhD Studies

(319) 335-8729

Steven Green

Professor, Department of Biology

(319) 335-1612 238 BBE

Kristi Hendrickson

Assistant Professor

(319) 335-8701

Emily Kroska

Clinical Assistant Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences

319-335-0191 470 PBSB

Damian Krysan

Professor of Pediatrics-Infectious Disease

(319) 356-2270 2040E ML

Ryan LaLumiere

IBA-MARC Core Mentor; Assistant Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences

319-335-3657 E219 SSH

Hans-Joachim Lehmler

IBA-MARC Core Mentor; Professor; Interdisciplinary Program in Neuroscience; Occupational and Environmental Health

(319) 335-4211 S353 CPHB

Susan Lutgendorf

IBA-MARC Core Mentor; Professor, Department of Psychology

(319) 335-2432 E228 SSH

Bob McMurray

Associate Professor Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences; Associate Professor Department Communication and Science Disorders

(319) 335-0191 E218 Seashore Hall

Maurine Neiman

Associate Professor

(319) 384-1814 324B Biology Builiding

Molly Nikolas

Assistant Professor, Psychological & Brain Sciences

319-335-2455 E112 SSH

Peggy Nopoulos

IBA-MARC Core Mentor; Professor, Department of Psychiatry; Department of Neurology

319-384-9264 W278 General Hospital

Jason Radley

Associate Professor

319-353-0152 475 PBSB

Vincent G.J. Rodgers

Co-Investigator, IBA-MARC Core Mentor; Professor, Physics and Astronomy

(319) 335-1219 513 VAN

Heather Sander

Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies

319-353-2964 307 Jessup Hall

Scott Shaw

IBA-MARC Core Mentor; Associate Professor Chemistry

319-384-1355 W476 CB

Madeline Shea

Professor of Biochemistry

319-335-7885 4-450 BSB

Diane Slusarski


(319) 335-3229 246A Biology Building

Sarit Smolikove

IBA-MARC Core Mentor; Associate Professor

(319) 335-1977 308 Biology Building

Stefan Strack

IBA-MARC Core Mentor; Professor

(319) 384-4439 2-452 Bowen Science Building

Daniel Tranel

IBA-MARC Core Mentor; Professor (Neurology/Psychological & Brain Sciences)

319-384-6050 2206 RCP

Edward Wasserman

Stuit Professor of Experimental Psychology

319-335-2445 478 PBSB

Mary Weber

Assistant Professor of Microbiology and Immunology

(319) 335-7705 3-370 Bowen Science Building

George Wehby

IBA-MARC Core Mentor; Professor and the John W. Colloton Chair Health Management and Policy

(319) 384-3814 N250 CPHB

Josh Weiner

IBA-MARC Core Mentor and Executive Committee Member; Professor Biology; Associate Dean for Research, CLAS

(319) 335-0091 348B Biology Building

Florence Williams

IBA-MARC Core Mentor; Assistant Professor

319-384-1319 W285 CB