Welcome to the Iowa Biosciences Academy!

The IBA is a grant-funded program that supports the academic and personal success of University of Iowa students interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in the Biosciences. IBA students have access to hands-on research opportunities that earn competitive wages, a faculty mentor, professional development workshops, career counseling, free tutoring (as needed) and a strong community of students, staff & faculty that value diversity in the Biosciences.

  • IBA students participating in a team building exercise on the Pentacrest.
  • Members of the Iowa Biosciences Academy
  • Members of the Iowa Biosciences Academy
  • Members of the Iowa Biosciences Academy
  • Members of the Iowa Biosciences Academy
  • A demonstration of research performed in the Iowa Biosciences Academy
  • Friday, April 23rd



    Devon Dawson




    Anthony Vitale, Biomedical Eng
    Dev. Preventative Treatments for Radiation Induced Tissue Damage




    Jia Zhao, Biology
    Learn to Build a Personal Website from Scratch!




    Elias Shaeffer, Biomedical Eng
    Developing the Science Alliance Application Portal




    Josh Peterson, Biology/Biochem
    ER Stress in Skeletal Muscle a Literature Review



    Ricky Lozano Flores, Biology
    Finding Success in Science




    Adelisa Dedic, Psychology
    Graduate School Trends: a Student Perspective




    Lexi Leali, Physics
    Recruiting for IBA and LSAMP within the Physics Department



    Other Capstone Presentations




  • The Iowa Biosciences Academy (IBA) is currently recruiting rising Juniors and Seniors for paid research positions!

    If you are  in a bioscience field, interested in a career in research and considering a graduate degree in the biosciences we would encourage you to apply!

    Online Application:  Apply Now

    Deadlines (for students currently in a lab)
    Summer 21 - apply by April 2nd, 2021
    Fall 21 - apply by July 30th, 2021

    Deadlines (for students not currently in a research lab)
    You can still apply - but we would encourage you to do so ASAP.  Students who apply early can receive assistance with identifying research interests and guidance on finding a lab.  We hope to prepare you for starting in the Fall of 21

    For more information, check out our website at https://iba.biology.uiowa.edu.  If you have questions about our program or the application process please contact us at iba@uiowa.edu.