Name Phone Email Office

Lori Adams

Co-PI and Director, Iowa Biosciences Academy
Associate Professor of Instruction, Department of Biology

(319) 335-1322 169 BB

Tori Forbes

Co-PI, Iowa Biosciences Academy
Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry

319-384-1320 W374 CB

Vincent G.J. Rodgers

Co-Investigator, Instructor for Iowa Biosciences Academy
Professor, Physics and Astronomy

(319) 335-1219 513 VAN

Brinda Shetty

Associate Director, Iowa Biosciences Academy

(319) 335-0964 169 BB

Current Mentors

Name Phone Email Office

E. Dale Abel

IBA Core Mentor; Chief, Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism

319-353-3050 4312 PBDB

Ted Abel

Director, Iowa Neuroscience Institute; Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences

319-353-4534 2312 PBDB

Rima Afifi

IBA Core Mentor; Professor and Interim Head, Public Health Department of Community and Behavior Health

(319) 384-1476 N432A CPHB

Alexander Bassuk

Professor of Pediatrics - Neurology; Director, Division of Pediatric Neurology

319-356-7726 2040 ML

Mark Blumberg

IBA Core Mentor; F. Wendell Miller Distinguished Professor, Department of Psychology

(319) 335-2424 E234 SSH

Debra Brandt

Research Assistant Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

319-384-8667 464 MRF

Terry Braun

Professor, Biomedical Engineering

(319) 335-6285 5318 Seamans Center

Gordon Buchanan

Associate Professor of Neurology

Thomas Casavant

IBA Core Mentor; Roy J. Carver, Jr. Chair in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, Biomedical Engineering; Professor Biomedical Engineering; Electrical and Computer Engineering; Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

(319) 335-5953 5316 Seamans Center

Diana Colgan

Asst Research Scientist, Internal Medicine

(319) 354-1700 3171C MERF

David Cwiertny

IBA Core Mentor; Associate Faculty Research Engineer, IIHR--Hydroscience & Engineering; Director, Center for Health Effects of Environmental Contamination

(319) 335-1401 4655 Seamans Center for the Engineering Arts and Sciences

Dao-Fu Dai

Assistant Professor of Pathology; Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology

319-335-0194 106C Medical Research Center

Ece Demir Lira

Assistant Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences

John F. Engelhardt

IBA Core Mentor; DEO and Chair, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology

319-335-7744 1-100 BSB

Polly Ferguson

Director, Pediatric Rheumatology; Professor of Pediatrics - Rheumatology, Allergy and Immunology

319-356-1608 2040-A Med Labs

John Freeman

Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences; Stuit Faculty Fellow

319-335-3243 226 SLP

Jessica Goetz

Associate Professor of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation; Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering (BME)

319-384-4275 2181J-1 WL

Steven Green

Professor, Department of Biology

(319) 335-1612 238 BBE

Isabella Grumbach

Professor of Internal Medicine - Cardiovascular Medicine; Vice Chair for Research, Department of Internal Medicine

319-384-4610 4336 PBDB

Bin Z. He

Assistant Professor, Department of Biology

(319) 467-0158 336 Biology Building East

Andrew Hollingworth

IBA Core Mentor; Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences

319-335-2964 W306 SSH

Grazyna Kochanska

Stuit Professor of Developmental Psychology

319-335-2409 G7 SLP

Young Do Koo

Postdoctoral Research Scholar, Internal Medicine - Division of Endocrinology

(319) 335-5505 4312 PBDB

Emily Kroska

Clinical Assistant Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences

319-335-0191 470 PBSB

Ryan LaLumiere

IBA Core Mentor; Assistant Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences

319-335-3657 E219 SSH

Gregory LeFevre

Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

(319) 335-5655 4106 Seamans Center for the Engineering Arts and Sciences

Dominique Limoli

Assistant Professor, Microbiology and Immunology

319-335-1955 203 Eckstein Medical Research Building

Fang Lin

Associate Professor, Anatomy and Cell Biology

319-335-7746 1-404 BSB

Susan Lutgendorf

IBA Core Mentor; Professor, Department of Psychology

(319) 335-2432 E228 SSH

Ashutosh Mangalam

Assistant Professor, Pathology

319-335-8558 1080-A Medical Laboratories

Jeffrey Murray

IBA Core Mentor; Professor, Department of Pediatrics

(319) 335-6897 2182 ML

Isaac Petersen

Assistant Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences

319-467-1014 309 STH

Bryan Phillips

Associate Professor; Associate Chair for Graduate Education/Director of Graduate Studies

(319) 335-2071

Vincent G.J. Rodgers

Co-Investigator, Instructor for Iowa Biosciences Academy; Professor, Physics and Astronomy

(319) 335-1219 513 VAN

Aliasger Salem

Professor, Pharmaceutics and Translational Therapeutics

(319) 335-8810 452 CPB

Sarit Smolikove

IBA Core Mentor; Associate Professor

(319) 335-1977 308 Biology Building

Daniel Tranel

IBA Core Mentor; Professor (Neurology/Psychological & Brain Sciences)

319-384-6050 2206 RCP

Ingrid Ukstins

Associate Professor, Earth and Environmental Sciences

(319) 335-1824 237 TH

Edward Wasserman

Stuit Professor of Experimental Psychology

319-335-2445 478 PBSB

Chung-Fang Wu

Professor, Department of Biology

(319) 335-1091 239A Biology Building

Charles Yeaman

Associate Professor of Anatomy and Cell Biology; Associate Professor of Internal Medicine

319-335-8782 1-400E BSB

Yuan Zhang

Associate of Internal Medicine - Endocrinology and Metabolism

(319) 353-5505 4312 PBDB

Undergraduate Students

Name Email Mentor Program Year

Madison Anae

IBA Scholar Ingrid Ukstins 2019

Nicole Boodhoo

Science Alliance Intern Gordon Buchanan 2021

Amanda Caraballo

Science Alliance Intern Bin Z. He 2020

Adelisa Dedic

IBA Scholar Grazyna Kochanska 2020

Mikayla Eppert

IBA Scholar Sarit Smolikove 2020

Floyd Evans

IBA Scholar; 2019-20 Science Alliance Intern Jeffrey Murray 2019

Dustin Fykstra

IBA Scholar Alexander Bassuk 2019

Cristina Garcia

IBA Scholar Steven Green 2020

Sofia (Camila) Gomez

Science Alliance Intern Diane Slusarski 2021

Bryan Guevara

Science Alliance Intern Dao-Fu Dai 2020

Renato Jensen

IBA Scholar E. Dale Abel 2019

Emily Krogstad

Science Alliance Intern Ece Demir Lira 2021

Michelle Krumm

IBA Scholar; 2020 Science Alliance Intern John Freeman 2020

Lexi Leali

IBA Scholar Vincent G.J. Rodgers 2020

Ricardo Lozano Flores

IBA Scholar Fang Lin 2019

Hannah McCumber

Science Alliance Intern John F. Engelhardt 2021

Mayra Narvaez Cardenas

IBA Scholar David Cwiertny 2019

Odysseus Orr

Science Alliance Intern Edward Wasserman 2020

Joshua Peterson

IBA Scholar E. Dale Abel 2020

Elias Shaeffer

IBA Scholar Terry Braun 2020

Cally Tucker

Science Alliance Intern E. Dale Abel 2021

Anthony Vitale

IBA Scholar Isabella Grumbach 2020

Jia Zhao

IBA Scholar Bin Z. He 2019

Undergraduate Alumni

Name Email

Maurisa Aimable

Research Assistant, Dows Institute UIowa

Tartil Ali

MA Student at University of Iowa

Vanessa Alizo

PhD Candidate in Neuroscience at the University of California - Irvine

Maya Amjadi

MD/PhD Program, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Salma AshShareef

IBA Scholar

Jacqueline Bannon, MS, BSN, RN

PhD Candidate, University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing

Sarah Bannon

PhD Candidate in Psychology, Stony Brook University

Anamar Blanes

PhD Candidate in Chemistry at Georgetown University

Chelia Briner


Alfonza Brown

MPH, Epidemiology at the US Army Public Health Center, Baltimore, MD; Postgraduate Summer Research Fellow ORISE at U.S. Army Public Health Command

Nicole Cady

Research Assistant - University of Iowa

Natalia Cardona

Process Improvement Engineer, Alcoa

Michael Dominguez

PhD Program in Applied Physics at the University of Michigan

Steven Dominguez, Jr.

Education Analyst - UCSF School of Pharmacy; MS Program in Global Health Studies, UC San Francisco

Alessandra Dutra

2019-20 Science Alliance Intern

Timothy Fuqua

PhD Program in Molecular Biology, EMBL - Heidelberg, Germany

LauRen Gaines

MPH Student - University of Minnesota

Lander Geadelmann

PhD Candidate, Plant Biology at Iowa State University

Ashlynn Gerth

PhD Candidate in Psychology (Behavioral Neuroscience) University of Illinois, Chicago

Alejandra Gonzalez

PhD Program in Nursing, University of Iowa

Maia Griffith

Student at Emory University School of Medicine

Chelsea Higgins

IBA Scholar

Zosia Horak

MHA Candidate at the University of Iowa

Camille Jaime

PhD Student, Immunology at Johns Hopkins University

Kaitlyn Jones

Home Health Aide at HomeSafe

Olivia Jones

MPH Student (Epidemiology) at The George Washington University

Benjamin Kirk

Fall 2019 - IBA Scholar; Spring 2019 - LSAMP Intern

Evan Lamb

MD/PhD Program, University of Virginia

Rikki Laser

PhD Candidate in Psychology at Cornell University

Nicholas McCarty

PhD Program, California Institute of Technology

Alexandria Miller

PhD Program in Clinical Psychology, Suffolk University

Hannah Miller Campbell

PhD Program in Biochemistry, University of Iowa

Alexis Miller

Research Associate, Cedars-Sinai

Elissa Monteiro

PhD Candidate, Department of Psychology at University of California, Riverside

Jorge Moreno

PhD Program in Molecular Biology, Princeton University

Margaret Mungai

Fulbright Research Scholar in Biology

William Narhi-Martinez

PhD Program in Cognitive Psychology, The Ohio State University

Maria Nunez Hernandez

PhD Program in Biochemistry, The University of Iowa

Chibuzo Nwakama

MSE Student, Computer Science and Engineering at University of Iowa

Angela Olvera

MD/PhD Program, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Evan Paelmo

Registered Nurse

Allison Peroutka

PhD Student in Chemistry at Colorado School of Mines

Megan Powers

PhD Student, Biology at the University of Washington

Edgardo Ramirez

Cancer Research Training Award (CRTA) Fellow, National Cancer Institute; Research Assistant, Northwestern University

Nicole Richardson

MPH Student (Epidemiology) at Emory University

Nicholas Rolston

PhD Candidate in Applied Physics at Stanford University

Edwin Sagastume

Biochemical Engineer at Viewpoint Molecular Targeting, Iowa City, IA

Lucero Sanchez

PhD Candidate in Chemistry at Indiana University

Nicholas Sattler

PhD Program in Biology, University of Oregon

Ashley Segura-Roman

PhD Candidate, Molecular & Cellular Biology at University of California, Berkeley

Callie Shannon

Shacoya Smith

Orthodics & Prosthetics Student at St. Petersburg College

Paul Taufalele

PhD Program in Biomedical Engineering, Vanderbilt University

Hannah Tykol

Tracy Vo

MPH Student at Columbia University

Lynn Wang

MA Student in Mental Health and Counseling at University of Missouri

Jesse Weiss

PhD Candidate in Nursing, University of Iowa

Frederick Zasadny

PhD Program in Biomedical Engineering, George Washington University

Graduate Alumni

Name Email

Rondine Allen

Graduate Research Assistant

Toby Avalos

Advisor, Centralia College

Franklin Bright

Graduate Research Assistant

Johnny Cruz Corchado

Graduate Research Assistant

Victoria Parker

Graduate Research Assistant

Jessica Ponce

Graduate Research Assistant

Eric Rodriguez

Postdoctoral Scientist, Indiana University

Brigitte Vanle

Postdoctoral Scientist, Cedars-Sinai

Amanda Ward

Graduate Research Assistant

Brittany Williams

Graduate Research Assistant

University of Iowa Advisors

Name Phone Email Office

Daniel Eberl


Pamela Geyer


(319) 335-6953 3135E MERF

John Keller

Interim Vice President, OVPR&ED; Dean and Associate Provost, Graduate College

Colleen Mitchell

Associate Professor; Director, SLOAN Center

Ann Ricketts

Assis. VP for Research, Communications & External Relations

Sheila Schechinger

Senior Assistant Director, Outreach & Recruitment, UI Admissions

James Torner

Professor and Head of Department of Epidemiology

Dan Weeks

Professor; Director of Graduate Studies in Biochemistry

External Advisors

Name Phone Email Office

Sarah England

Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology; Former IBA Director

(314) 286-1798

Richard McGee

Associate Dean for Faculty Recruitment & Professional Development

(312) 503-1737 Rubloff Building Suite 12-129

Michael Summers


(410) 455-2527 CHEM 182A


Name Phone Email Office

All Staff Virtual Office Hours

Halin Chung

Graduate Research Assistant

Devon Dawson

Graduate Research Assistant

Chelsey Gates

Graduate Research Assistant

(319) 467-1463 169 Biology Building

Steve Kehoe

Marketing Coordinator, Iowa Biosciences Academy
Administrative Services Coordinator, Biology

(319) 335-1051 143 Biology Building

Laura Kowalski-Bliss

Administrative Services Coordinator

(319) 467-1483 169 Biology Building

Prospective Mentors

Name Phone Email Office

Saba Rasheed Ali

Professor, Counseling Psychology; Associate Dean for Research, College of Education

319-335-5495 362 LC

Bengi Baran

Assistant Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences

319-467-4541 370 PBSB

Martine Dunnwald

Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology

319-384-4645 1-532 BSB

Charles Grose

Professor of Pediatrics - Infectious Disease

319-356-2270 2111 ML

Daniel Hyer

Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology; Medical Physics Residency Director

319-356-2441 01615 Pomerantz Family Pavilion

Allison N. Jaynes

Assistant Professor, Department of Physics & Astronomy

(319)-335-3799 404 VAN

Mike Knudson

Clinical Professor of Pathology; Clinical Professor of Radiation Oncology

319-467-5129 SW247 General Hospital

Emily Kroska

Clinical Assistant Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences

319-335-0191 470 PBSB

Molly Nikolas

Assistant Professor, Psychological & Brain Sciences

319-335-2455 E112 SSH

Peggy Nopoulos

IBA Core Mentor; Professor, Department of Psychiatry; Department of Neurology

319-384-9264 W278 General Hospital

David Soll

Professor, Department of Biology

(319) 335-1117 302 BBE

Elizabeth Stone

IBA Core Mentor; Associate Professor, Chemistry

(319) 384-1863 W376 CB

Thaddeus Wadas

Associate Professor of Radiology - Division of Nuclear Medicine