Bin Z. He

Assistant Professor, Department of Biology
Department of Biology
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
The University of Iowa
STEM Area of Research: 
PhD, The University of Chicago
(319) 467-0158
336 Biology Building East
Research Interests: 
Evolution, Genetics

Environment is rarely static -- temperatures rise and fall, food availability changes -- all demanding an organism to sense its surroundings and make proper responses. Sometimes, however, the environment may change dramatically or experience steady long-term shifts, such that the existing stress responses are no longer fit for the task. The goal of our lab is to understand how gene regulatory networks for stress responses evolve and how it may have contributed to species adaptation to its environment.

To achieve this goal, we study a group of yeast species, which include the baker's yeast, S. cerevisiae, a related commensal species C. glabrata, which is also an opportunistic pathogen, as well as many others.