Andrew Hollingworth

IBA Core Mentor
Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
The University of Iowa
Ph.D., Michigan State University
Ed.M., Harvard University Graduate School of Education
B.A. with Special Honors, The University of Chicago
W306 SSH
Research Interests: 
Scene perception, attention, eye movements, visual memory, spatial cognition

Cognition and Perception


Our Approach

Central to the Cognition and Perception training area at Iowa is a distinctive philosophy and perspective. Our philosophy incorporates a dual insistence on empirical rigor and theoretical development. Thus, we are committed to hard-nosed empiricism; however, we are also committed to theory-building, and our programs of research are therefore theory-driven rather than data-driven. Our perspective emphasizes an integrative approach to the study of perception and cognition. This perspective is reflected in both the content and diverse methodologies used in our research programs.

Our Research

The research programs among individual laboratories overlap considerably, and most content areas are studied by multiple laboratories and with different methodologies. This leads to a high degree of interaction among laboratories, and it provides graduate students with many opportunities to work with multiple faculty members on a single topic. The content areas of research strength and focus include:

  • Attention
  • Categorization
  • Computational Modeling
  • Language and Language Learning
  • Motor Control
  • Spatial Cognition
  • Visual Perception and Cognition
  • Working Memory