Prospective Mentors

Name Phone Email Office

Saba Rasheed Ali

Professor, Counseling Psychology; Associate Dean for Research, College of Education

319-335-5495 362 LC

Bengi Baran

Assistant Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences

319-467-4541 370 PBSB

Martine Dunnwald

Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology

319-384-4645 1-532 BSB

Charles Grose

Professor of Pediatrics - Infectious Disease

319-356-2270 2111 ML

Daniel Hyer

Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology; Medical Physics Residency Director

319-356-2441 01615 Pomerantz Family Pavilion

Allison N. Jaynes

Assistant Professor, Department of Physics & Astronomy

(319)-335-3799 404 VAN

Mike Knudson

Clinical Professor of Pathology; Clinical Professor of Radiation Oncology

319-467-5129 SW247 General Hospital

Emily Kroska

Clinical Assistant Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences

319-335-0191 470 PBSB

Molly Nikolas

Assistant Professor, Psychological & Brain Sciences

319-335-2455 E112 SSH

Peggy Nopoulos

IBA Core Mentor; Professor, Department of Psychiatry; Department of Neurology

319-384-9264 W278 General Hospital

David Soll

Professor, Department of Biology

(319) 335-1117 302 BBE

Elizabeth Stone

IBA Core Mentor; Associate Professor, Chemistry

(319) 384-1863 W376 CB

Thaddeus Wadas

Associate Professor of Radiology - Division of Nuclear Medicine