Tori Forbes as new Co-PI for IBA

March 1, 2021 - 4:45pm

Tori Forbes is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry and has been an advocate for the IBA and LSAMP programs.  She has mentored multiple students over the last few years. We are looking forward to an amazing new partnership!

Professor Tori Forbes

One of her former students described her experiences working in in the Forbes Lab.

“Dr. Forbes helped foster an environment where we felt welcomed and supported by everyone, both professionally and personally.  You helped us through our graduate school process and you supported us with our decisions and that means so much to us.  Getting to learn from you was incredible and we will continue to use the advice that you have given us in the future and we will miss being in your group. – Ally Peroutka, IBA Alumni, PhD Student, University of California - Irvine