Biology Department of The University of IowaThe University of Iowa

Welcome to the Iowa Biosciences Advantage program!

The IBA is a grant-funded program that supports the academic and personal success of University of Iowa students interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in the Biosciences.

IBA students have access to hands-on research opportunities, a faculty mentor, professional development workshops, competitive wages, free tutoring (as needed) and a strong community of students, staff & faculty with common goals.

The benefit is that each IBA student graduates with a true advantage-a polished personal statement, preparation for the Graduate Record Exam (GRE), practice interviewing, numerous research presentations, and a lifelong network of friends and colleagues. By the time IBA Scholars graduate, they are strong candidates for top graduate programs in the Biosciences.

"IBA has given me a great chance to interact with minority students that have the same goals as me. It has also given me the hands on experience I will need in the future." - LauRen Gaines, Former IBA Student

"It offers opportunities that I would never have been able to find on my own and has prepared me for what to expect for graduate school." -Ashlynn Gerth, Former IBA Student

"I like IBA because I was able to start research very early in my college career, which gave me a leg up on my peers as far as deciding what career path is right for me." - Maia Griffith, Former IBA Student